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Promote Your Marijuana Affiliate Programs: The AllStuff420 Way!

Affiliate Marketing is helping a lot of people create another revenue stream, and AllStuff420™ invites everyone to join their very own 420 Bud Affiliate Program.
Promote Your Marijuana Affiliate Program The AllStuff420 Way Image

What is Affiliate Marketing?

By now, you may have passed through at least one advertisement by an influencer as you scroll down the feed of your socials. This ad comes with a link and an enticing caption that convinces you to click on it and redirects you to a website. 

Now you might wonder, what are these ads for, and how do social media users and influencers make money out of this?

Affiliate Marketing is an advertising method where a company welcomes marketers. They are unique individuals who can get incentives when you click on the link or ad they posted. The way these marijuana affiliate programs get paid can range from two things. When the ad is clicked, you sign up for the program they are promoting. The other one is when you buy a product from the website where you are redirected to.

But like any other opportunity, some malicious intentions and scams could affect these weed affiliate programs. Some of you may have encountered too-good-to-be-true ads with unrealistic claims that prey on the naive. Thus, be extra careful about what you click on. Do a bit of research about the company. Better yet, warn your peers and loved ones, especially those unfamiliar with technology, to watch out for these.

The 420 Bud Program

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you’ve already been a fan, or at least you’ve heard of AllStuff420® and our products. We’re one of the many cannabis affiliate marketing programs out there. But we are unique in many ways as compared to them. We are a brand that focuses on cool smoking accessories for cannabis and cigarettes, and we are also now expanding our reach to the world of merchandise. We created this expansion to provide high-quality cannabis-inspired fashion items to enthusiasts that help them show the world how much they love the lifestyle.

To expand our brand and share the 420 love with our supporters, we created the 420 Bud Affiliate Program, which invites everyone to register as an affiliate marketer and get a 10% commission per sale. You can spread your AllStuff420® love to your followers and earn money in four simple steps:

Go to and register your details;

Wait for approval from our team;

Log in to your dashboard and generate your unique affiliate link;

Post your link to your social media handles for your followers to click on!

The best thing about marijuana affiliate programs like ours, apart from the commissions, is that it applies to everything AllStuff420®. 

Now, you can share the best smoking accessories, cigarette cases, torch lighters, grinders, ashtrays, stashes, and even 420-inspired merchandise to your followers too! All it takes is a few clicks, a bit of waiting time, and you’re good to go.

Years ago, this kind of marketing may have been impossible, but technology continues to evolve at remarkable speeds, thus creating more sources of income for everyone to enjoy. 

84% of brands harness the marijuana affiliate programs and their marketing power. We also used to look at marketers and endorsers as high-status celebrities, but now this privilege is accessible to everyone willing to be one.

Another perk about this is that you don’t have to do this full-time, and you can focus on other areas of your life while earning passive income. You could also share the products you swear on and spread the word about them to more people with your dear followers. 

Stoners can make money by marketing 420-related products by joining an affiliate program with cannabis firms such as AllStuff420. Many brands require help getting their items noticed and pay a percentage for the sales. When buyers use the affiliate link, some programs even discount them! This 420 bud affiliate program is the AllStuff420 way of ensuring sales to your business in the online market.

With AllStuff420®, we assure you that our products are worth your advertising and your followers will have no regrets about them. We are dedicated to expanding and improving our offerings, as we both believe in our brand and the power of service towards the close-knit cannabis community. We want you in there, and we want you to enjoy the perks of being a 420 Bud!

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