How to Become a More Eco-conscious Smoker

How to Become a More Eco-conscious Smoker

Just a few puffs in, and then the stick gets disposed of. That’s not an eco-conscious thing to do. How can you become more eco-conscious smoker?

Everyone knows that the health of the planet is deteriorating at a fast pace. Some choose to ignore it and go on with a lifestyle resulting from a billion tons of garbage, a polluted water source, dry land, and unhealthy air.

At this point, it’s hard to turn a blind eye towards such phenomena as it affects anyone from different walks. The increasing volume of plastic trash in the oceans, killing hundreds of marine life is certainly no laughing matter.

The Rise of the Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Numerous companies and stores have chosen to take the eco-conscious path.

Some fast-food chains now use paper instead of plastic utensils and packaging for take-outs. Reusable cups are encouraged when buying at coffee shop chains, and products are developed to eradicate plastic as much as possible.

Most grocery stores now require bringing eco-bags; otherwise, you go home with your goods placed in brown bags or cartons.

Toothbrushes made of wood and eco-friendly bristles, as well as metal straws or bamboo straws, also call for an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Even using sanitary pads have been replaced with a more eco-conscious choice– a sanitary pad made out of cloth and the rubber menstrual cups.

Shampoos and conditioners are also now in soap form, so you wouldn’t have to dispose of a ton of bottles and sachets.

Being eco-conscious also entails having to bank on renewable resources. Solar panels have gained traction in the past years, and solar panels have powered more and more homes, shops, and even malls.

Many have indeed chosen the more eco-conscious lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Every aspect of your lifestyle indeed has an eco-conscious practice alternative, even smoking.

The Environmental Effects of Marijuana Use

Marijuana cultivation in different states has shown that growing the plant is not eco-conscious. The plant requires loads of water and electricity to develop, but it is also packaged in plastic wraps.

Indoor cultivation of marijuana is a promising feat as it promises shorter grow times and an increased quantity in harvests.

However, this indoor cultivation comprises a “whopping 1%” of electricity used in the United States.

Any lifestyle can be converted to a more eco-conscious one. Here are different ways for you to do just that:

Recycle the Packaging

It’s best that you can recycle the packaging that your smoke comes with as much as possible. Whether it be in plastic bottles, glass bottles, or plastic bags, refuse to throw them away or give them back to the shop so they may use it again.

When you’re smoking from a vape pen, it’s also best to keep the vape or return it to the seller or company to recycle it. Companies selling vape are now having eco-conscious projects and programs that encourage their sellers to recycle, like having discounts or getting a free vape pen for every number of vape pens you get to recover.

Using a Hemp Wick

This process might be ancient, but it is undoubtedly eco-conscious. It uses hemp twine dipped in beeswax. It is dispensed in rolls similar to yarn, and are often wrapped around lighters, which are then used to light your joint or bowl.

With this, you only have to use your lighter once. This way, you’re not inhaling fumes from the butane as you light up, which then prolongs your lighter’s life, causing a delay in its trip to the landfill.

Dispose of Your Joint Roaches Properly

Smokers must be very careful when disposing of their joints, as it may cause severe problems to the environment. It will pollute the land where you are, but if it is thrown while being half-lit, it might endanger drylands and cause a fire.

Use Eco-friendly Rolling Papers

This is another scheme to be able to jumpstart your eco-conscious lifestyle. More and more products are being sold suited to making smoking a lot more eco-friendly, and this is one of them. These rolling papers are made from hemp, palm, or rice.

Not only is this an eco-conscious choice as it is not made from wood pulp, but these rolling paper variants are also the types that have a longer burn, and that tastes better than bleached white rolling papers.


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