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How To Distinguish Different Cannabis Strains

Cannabis is a versatile herb that has many uses that researchers have not found out yet. However, substantial research shows how different cannabis strains can bring some possible health benefits if used correctly.
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Like most things, cannabis is not created equal. There are numerous cannabis strains for different uses, and a cannabis user must be well-versed with each one. 

If you’ve toured a cannabis dispensary in the past or have researched cannabis strains, you’ve probably heard of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid.

These terms are but only categories that you can use in organizing the different cannabis strains. 

The Categories of Cannabis Strains

Indica is more on having a more relaxing effect on the cannabis user, Sativa, on the other hand, has a more energizing effect on its users. Then there’s a particular category for a type that combines both the effects of Indica and Sativa, which is called hybrid. 


The Indica variety has broad and short-bladed leaves. Shorter height implies eight to twelve-week development before flowering, lower yields, and higher THC potency. This category is recognized for its possible antispasmodic effects in the management of autism, excessive muscle contractions, and persistent autoimmune disorders.


Sativa, on the other hand, is characterized by long branches and narrow-bladed leaves. It requires six months to bloom. When used, it can quickly reach the brain with an intense, calming, and uplifting vibration. There is also evidence that Sativa is also assumed to enhance imagination.


The appearance of the hybrid depends on the parent plants used to produce it. Hybrid cannabis strains are cultivated to raise THC concentration, but each form has a particular combination of two cannabinoids.

There’s one particular strain; however, that’s newly minted. It’s called the Ruderalis strain. It looks small and bushy leaves that rarely grow taller than 12 inches. However, this strain can grow fast in a little more than a month.

Before getting into the different cannabis strains, it’s essential to research the particular strain you would want to use, whether for recreational purposes or or for any other purpose. It is possible to get adverse effects that may be short term or can last a long time. 

Effects can range from dizziness to having dry eyes and mouth. 

Cannabis strains are developed and dictated by the plant’s genetic makeup and the climate in which it has evolved. 

When cannabis has a similar genetic composition, grown in a specific climate, and has developed a particular color, form, scent, and resin development can create a new strain.

While there are 100 strains, it’s essential to know the most popular ones in different states where cannabis use is legal. Here are the cannabis strains you should know: 

Specific Cannabis Strains

Blue Dream

This popular strain is a hybrid originating from California. It contains high THC levels, with percentages ranging from 17 to 24% and small levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG).

The strain is considered to have a gentle and smooth effect, with no strongly sedative feelings.

Jack Herer

Like Blue Dream, this is also a hybrid but is Sativa-dominant. This strain is popular because It is known to create peaceful and clear-headed results that encourage innovation. 


This is a premium cannabis strain that originates from a cross of MK Ultra and G13 Haze. It contains a low THC level, which is perfect for pain-relief use. 

These are just a few of the cannabis strains available around the world. More and more cannabis strains are developed with the thought of editing THC content. The cannabis user must research the different strains first before trying it to know it’s different effects. 


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