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Know your Cannabis Strain: Sativa vs Indica

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With the legalization of Cannabis in nearly 50 states across the United States, discovering new cannabis strains is in high demand. Over 1,000 different cannabis strains have been bred over the years, each with a different level of efficacy.

For starters, Cannabis is a genus of three psychoactive and non-psychoactive plant species. The most popular of these species is Cannabis sativa, while cannabis indica has been discovered to have a broader range of where it may be produced and what circumstances it requires. Although there are some subtle differences between Sativa vs Indica, both are components of the cannabis plant that are highly beneficial in the medical field.

While another popular strain was discovered outside of Russia, Ruderalis is not widely utilized in industry or medicine. Ruderalis plants are small and produce a small amount of medicine; they are ineffective and unappealing to patients. As a result, ruderalis strains are often avoided by breeders and farmers; the medical cannabis community is more interested in indica and sativa strains.

But what draws the difference between Sativa and Indica as a cannabis strain? What draws the line between the differences of Sativa vs Indica?

The origin

Cannabis indica is a cannabis strain that thrives like a weed in most temperate regions of the world. For almost 3,000 years, Cannabis has been utilized as a medication. Ancient Indian traders disseminated it over Europe and Asia. European doctors began prescribing it in the 19th century for various ailments, including migraines and persistent pain from cancer or childbirth.

This medical and recreational marijuana strain is derived from Indian hemp plants such as cannabis indica. Cannabis dried flowers or cannabis oils made from cannabis buds are commonly smoked for recreational or therapeutic purposes.

Sativa, on the other hand, is assumed to have originated in Asia or Africa and was first imported to Europe in the 1600s. Sativa is now grown throughout the world, although prevalent in Spain and Mexico.

Sativa is a popular marijuana strain for recreational use. It’s used to boost creativity and induce euphoria. Certain people also use sativa to relieve stress and anxiety. Paranoia and anxiety are two possible side effects.

Due to sativa’s principal active ingredient, it is utilized for recreational and spiritual purposes. Sativa vs indica have differences that will be of the great purpose to the use of Cannabis. Sativas have a lower THC content than indicas, which are better for medicinal purposes.

The Appearance

Sativa vs Indica Appearance Comparison

It isn’t easy to draw the line as to the difference between Sativa vs Indica at first glance. Both have the same green hue of leaves and the same rim contour, but how can you tell the difference? First-timers may have difficulty distinguishing between the two, so let’s dispel these myths.

Light green leaves usually characterize Sativa strains, and it’s often tall and lean with long narrow fan blades. The buds of indica are elongated and feathery than that of the other strains. Female Cannabis Sativa flowers start at the nodes and spread out down the length of the stem and branches, rather than clumping together at the nodes like other types of Cannabis. Female Sativa flowers are usually smaller and lighter than Indica blossoms.

While indica on the other hand, is in full dark green color. It is usually bushier than sativa, a mostly short and dense type of plant. Compared to sativa, indica has short but wide leaf blades.

The Effects

While there is some truth to the idea that indica-dominant strains produce a more body-heavy high and sativa-dominant strains produce a more energizing cerebral high, this isn’t always the case. How a strain makes you feel is determined by the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.

However, the most significant differences between indica vs sativa species are their medical effects and how they affect energy levels and productivity. Indicas tend to deplete energy and are best consumed in the evening or at night after the day’s work and activities have been completed. Some individuals may have couchlock, a condition in which they are so calm that they can scarcely get off the couch and alleviate body aches and pains. Many folks enjoy them before bedtime to aid with slumber.

Sativas, on the other hand, are cerebral and uplifting, boosting creativity and productivity. Sativas provide a thinking high while indicas provide a body high. Unfortunately, sativa plants take longer to mature and produce less medication than indica. This is why indica strains have long dominated those sold on the illegal market, where the only concern is profit rather than patient need.

Modern medical cannabis producers actively develop and grow a diverse range of strains in the indica and sativa categories to ensure that the proper treatment is available for each patient’s specific mix of ailment, preference, and lifestyle.

Patients who have professions or family responsibilities that require a certain amount of energy can often handle the sedative qualities of many indicas. Patients may need to seek out the most potent non-opiate painkiller available at other times. When given a choice between chronic pain and the calming effects of a potent indica strain known for its medicinal properties, most patients will opt for the latter.

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On A Lighter Note

Cannabis is a highly diverse crop that produces over a hundred fragrant and psychotropic chemicals, each with distinct aromas and effects. Depending on the strain of Cannabis that you prefer to smoke, there are different efficacies to consider. Smoking cannabis, whether indica or sativa, should be done in moderation.

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