Sizzle Back Dual Torch Flip Lighter


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Design/Color Variation: Back view of a Sexy Lady
Function: Wind-resistant
Color: Blue
Design: Smoke, Woman
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The seductive curves of a smoking woman’s back view on this dual torch flip top lighter are reminiscent of the well-toned muscles of comic book heroines. And, like superheroes, this dual torch flip lighter produces powerful blue dual flames that withstand the wind. This dual torch lighter can light your blunt of weed and cigarettes and is also great for outdoor use. It is refillable with butane. Grab one now while stocks last.

Key Features: 

  • Has a Back view of a Sexy Lady.
  • Wind Resistant.
  • Refillable Tank.
  • Weigh only 0.33lbs.
  • Affordable yet Durable.

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