That Was Close Dual Torch Flip Lighter


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Design/Color Variation: When that was Close Text Print in Red
Function: Wind-resistant
Color: Black, Red, White
Design: Text & Quotes
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Always carry this dual flip top lighter with you when the great outdoors calls. This torch lighter has a strong and steady blue flame that lights up camping fires and barbeque fire pots in seconds. It is wind-resistant, durable, and simple to use. It’s also good for lighting cigars and pipes. It’s available in a wide range of edgy patterns and text prints. Get yours now.

Key Features: 

  • There’s a red text print that says “Whew, that was close.”.
  • Has a strong blue flame.
  • Wind Resistant and Durable.
  • Available in colors Red, White, and Black.
  • Cheap and Affordable.

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