The Green Way to Grow Cannabis

The Green Way to Grow Cannabis

Cultivating the controversial plant makes use of tons of electricity and water. It’s best to know how to get these resources into consideration with environmental sustainability provided you have the license to grow cannabis.

The eco-conscious lifestyle has gained so much popularity in the past five years. More and more people jumped into the bandwagon, which is an important milestone to help sustain Mother Earth.

The environment-conscious way of thinking is now adapted everywhere around the world. Dubbed as the “green way,” it pertains to more eco-friendly alternatives that help the environment or lessen the pollution brought upon it.

Now, if you’re one of the people who know how to cultivate the cannabis plant, you also know it takes too much electricity. Since you need to control the environment within the greenhouse, it needs high energy consumption, which has a negative impact on the environment. The plants also need excessive water to survive because of their characteristics.

Cannabis sativa is also known to pollute wastewater reservoirs.

Articles have stated that in North America, the commercial growing industry uses 1% of the total electricity consumption in the entire continent. The immense electricity consumption results in over 4,600 kilograms of CO2 released for every kilogram of cannabis grown indoors.

The waste materials from run-off are said to be rich in contaminants and heavy metal that pollute nearby waters.

Cannabis growers are promoting a green way to grow the plant, going into a more sustainable practice.

Therefore, if you have a license to grow cannabis, or if your state allows it, here are some of the ways you can do to jumpstart your sustainable cannabis cultivation practices:

Take It to the Outdoors

The first step is to make use of renewable energy resources, in this case, it’s the sun. You wouldn’t need to mimic the sun’s rays indoors when you got the real thing, right?

However, despite this way promising significant energy savings, it has its setbacks. If you farm outdoors, just like any plant, you have pests to look out for and soil to take care of.

You then need to purchase pesticides and more fertilizers as improper cultivation of the plant causes soil erosion.

But if you’re blessed with a green thumb and prefer to invest in pesticides instead of a shockingly high electricity bill, outside cultivation is a great option.

You Can Reduce the Grow Light Power Consumption

If you do not want to risk possible soil erosion, you can invest in indoor planting, but with reduced light consumption.

This method benefits from the natural cold night air, which reduces the need for heat extraction and allows the fans to operate at low power. Besides, electric charging at night is also cheaper than in the daytime.

Be Sure to Compost Your Plants to Make Organic Soil

To promote healthier soil for your plants, it’s best to know how to use them as compost. Composting is quite an organic method that you can use to provide a very nutritious soil alteration for the growth of your cannabis.

Reuse Your Soil for Planting

Another green way to promote sustainable practices in commercial cannabis growing is to reuse your soil.

Many do not recommend this because once the soil is already used, nutrients and components are gone. This makes it hard for the plant to properly grow.

Don’t fret, though. It’s relatively easy to inject more nutrients to your soil over time so that you may use it again. This is where your plant composts and manure composts come in.

There are also soil conditioners and modifications available that are a great source of extra micronutrients.

Conserve Water Used for the Cannabis Plants

Not only does growing cannabis requires so much light energy, but it also needs so much water. It is indeed one thirsty plant.

The green way to conserve water while growing your cannabis plants is to invest in desalination and reverse osmosis systems to have fresh, new water. Another option is to collect rainwater as this would give your plants their needed chlorine and calcium-free water.


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