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Top 5 Weed Accessories You Should Have Right Now

Dispensary accessories are essential tools that create a difference from a regular pot session to an enjoyable and relaxing one. If you are looking to elevate your smoke breaks, picking the right dispensary tools for the job is essential.
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Dabbing is becoming popular more than ever. The legalization of marijuana and cannabis has already pushed through in several states in the U.S. If you are starting to dab or even experienced in this recreational activity, some essential tools and accessories can make your dabbing experience even more enjoyable.

Dabbing is a process. You have several things to do before you can enjoy smoking weed. To smoke pot, you may have to grind your flower or place it in a dabbing accessory before you can inhale it. Thus, having several weed accessories for your dispensary kit is essential.

The Essential Dispensary Accessories for a Basic Dabbing Kit

AllStuff420 lists down five of the most essential weed smoking accessories and tools that you should include in your dabbing kit right now.

Cannabis Container

Where do you keep your stash? Inside a Ziplock bag? Or in a plastic wrap? Where you store your cannabis affects the quality of the hit you’ll get to enjoy later. If you see yourself enjoying cannabis for a long time, you might as well invest in a proper cannabis container.

The ideal dispensary container to purchase for your cannabis should be air and watertight. It should be able to keep the light out too. Additionally, an excellent cannabis container design would look good on your cannabis hobby shelves.

Having a proper cannabis container is also essential if you grow your cannabis. A water-tight and air-tight container are ideal for drying and curing your cannabis too. Interestingly, there are plenty of cannabis jars and bottles that can be personalized according to your style too.

Dispensary cannabis containers range from $9.99 a piece to $40.00, depending on the type of material used, brand, and style. Personalized cannabis containers cost a lot more than regular ones.

Rolling Trays

If you love cannabis, smoking your joints is likely required before you begin your smoking sessions. If you are the type of person who takes time to roll and create crafty and aesthetically appealing joints, you should invest in a decent rolling tray for your dispensary kit.

One of the most common types of rolling trays available is magnetic rolling trays. The magnets help keep all your roll equipment in one place. Cannabis art is commonly highlighted in dispensary accessories like rolling trays. Having one for your kit helps you keep organized, even while having a great time during your smoking sessions.


Breaking your weed by hand can be a messy process. It is sticky, messes up your scissors, and usually results in chunky herbs. To experience smoother hits, breaking down your cannabis as small as possible is the key. Rolling chunky pieces of weed is usually messy too. Although there are plenty of other ways to break down your cannabis, using a grinder is the most efficient tool to help you speed up the process.


A bong is one of the most frequent essential weed accessories. Bongs are usually made of glass. However, you should invest in a sturdy and easy-to-clean one that you would want to enjoy using for a long time. 

For a better pot experience, go for bongs that feature glass-to-glass connections, especially on the main tube and the down stem. This helps you get better hits. 

Bongs are also popularly known as binger, billy, bubblers, or water pipes. They are considered one of the oldest cannabis accessories there is in history. The bong functions as the tool, a tube that makes it possible to smoke weed.


Lighters also are one of the most in-demand weed smoking accessories. Your cannabis smoking experience would be incomplete and impossible without a lighter. As the name indicates, a lighter is the source of heat that makes it possible to consume your cannabis. When choosing a lighter for your basic dispensary kit, it is ideal to go for quality over price. 

A high-quality lighter perfect for your cannabis recreational activity is a lighter that can provide you with enough hits to rid your cannabis of impurities that you would not want to experience during your hits. In some cases, dabbers go for torches instead of lighters because they can produce higher temperatures ideal for cannabis consumption.

Invest in the correct type of dispensary device for your cannabis needs right now. Going for high-quality dispensary accessories as you build your cannabis smoking kit saves you time and gives you access to the best experiences possible with cannabis smoking.

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