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What Is a Percolator? Definition, Function & Types

What is a percolator

What is a percolator for cannabis? There are some bong users out there who are asking what the term “percolator” means and whether it is useful.

Each bong has a unique design and is available in various sizes and shapes. In particular, a percolator is a great complement if you find bongs difficult to hit.

A percolator, in short, is any water pipe that permits marijuana smoke to cool before consuming it. It is achieved by driving the smoke through the water. What exactly is that bubbling sound you hear while using your bong? That’s the sound of a percolator in action!

You’ll notice an immediate difference if you’ve used a bong with and without a “perc.” Your smoking experience will be much smoother with a percolator. Diffusion is the key to a great bong hit. 

This phrase denotes the transfer of a substance from a high-concentration area to a low-concentration in research. It occurs in gases and liquids because their particles randomly move from one location to another.

We’ll take you on a journey if you’re curious about what is a percolator bong, how do percolators work, and what they can accomplish for you. This blog will explain these topics further to add to your voCANNAbulary.


What Is a Percolator and How Does It Work?


The Definition

Before learning to use a percolator bong, let’s first review what is a percolator. Let me explain the terms “percs” and “percolator,” which you may have heard if you’re an experienced smoker.A percolator is any water pipe that permits smoke to cool before reaching the mouthpiece and, eventually, the lungs. It refers to both a type of bong and a cooling and filtering device used in bongs or water pipes. It is accomplished by passing the smoke through the water, which cools it.To fully comprehend how to operate a percolator bong, we must first examine the role of water in our favorite weed accessories.Water is incorporated in various paraphernalia to filter and cool smoke as it flows through it. When you inhale, you will hear a bubbling sound.The filtering process operates on the principle that water helps to strain out pollutants before passing them on. It cleans the vapors better than previously. It enables the user to take large doses without experiencing the harshness or heat of the cigarette. Quite interesting if you ask anyone.You’ll notice a smoother hit on the first draw if you’ve never smoked a perc bong. Before we go into how to use a percolator bong, let’s look at how it works.


The Function

After defining what is a percolator, let’s start with an explanation of how a bong works. Fill the bowl with marijuana and light it on fire. The water filters the smoke before it is pulled through the bong’s tube. After a few hits, the user fits his mouth over the mouthpiece, inhales, and becomes high!


What is a percolator, what is a percolator bong, how do percolators work


When individuals refer to a ‘percolator bong’ or a ‘water pipe,’ they refer to a bong with a percolator attached. 

If you’ve ever used a bong without perc, you’ve probably had a dry hit or scorched throat. When a percolator is added to the mix, you have a filtering mechanism that ensures a smoother hit.

There are several different types of percs on the market (more on that later), but all of them break up the flow of water to assist chill the smoke as it goes through the water chamber of the bong. 

Percolators are normally dome-shaped. However, there is currently a large variety of percs with unusual shapes on the market.

Perc is an additional water chamber for your bong, often found in the bong’s tube. It contains water and serves as another filtration procedure for cannabis smoke. 

When you draw smoke from a bong, it reacts with the water in the bowl. As the smoke ascends the tube, it comes into contact with water for the second time via the percolator.

In two ways, this technique serves to cool and filter the smoke. For starters, the smoke has a second chance to come into touch with the water, which will certainly assist it cool down. 

The perc allows more surface area of smoke to contact the water, which helps it cool down even further. Second, the pressure in the perc causes the bubbles to break down and grow smaller. As a result, the bong hit is smooth and cool.


Pros and Cons of Percolator Bongs

What is a percolator pros and cons? Because every coin has two sides, we thought we’d show you both so you could make an informed decision.Pros

  • Vaporizers are said to be the safest way to smoke your treasured plants, but individuals who prefer bongs will find the switch difficult. Percolators provide a “healthier” method to smoke by removing impurities and poisons. The wider surface area over which the smoke disperses permits the damaging cytotoxins that damage immune cells to be captured.


  • Percolators improve the smoking experience by producing a cooler vapor that does not irritate the throat. Cooler smoke causes less coughing and a more pleasant experience.


  • The colder, more condensed smoke allows for faster pulls. It implies you can take more blows and still get fried. But remember always to smoke responsibly!



  • With too many percolators, it may become difficult to inhale the smoke, making it impossible to rip with regular lung capacity. Unless you’re an experienced toker, you might want to postpone your intentions to get a triple perc bong.


  • If you’re not a fan of upkeep, be aware that most percolator bong designs are tough to clean and will necessitate a large number of cleaning accessories.


  • Percolator bongs are not recommended for traveling. If you’re searching for a travel companion, you might want to opt for something more inconspicuous and tiny.


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