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The 8 Best Weed Gifts to Give Stoners This Christmas Season

From Himpy slides to stash containers, discover eight weed-inspired gift ideas specially curated to light up every stoner’s holiday season.
best weed gifts

With the rising social acceptance and legalization of marijuana, it’s no surprise that cannabis-themed gifts are becoming extraordinarily popular during the holiday season. Gifting marijuana-inspired products has become a creative way to embrace the season of giving. This article features eight best weed gifts sure to impress even the most discerning stoner on your list!

1. Himpy Slides

Let your recipient kick back in comfort while subtly displaying their cannabis enthusiasm with Himpy slides. These fun slip-ons are embroidered with a faint marijuana leaf print that only other weed aficionados may notice. The slides can come in both classic flip-flop styles with a thong strap between the toes or open slipper slides for full coverage. Both options boast molded footbeds perfectly contoured to cradle the arches. Crafted from lightweight, quick-drying materials, these durable slides allow for hassle-free wearing in and out of the water.

2. Bongs

Consider gifting an elegantly designed bong, one of the best weed gifts for cooling smoke to create smooth, filtered hits. Bongs come in a spectrum of perc styles, heights, and materials like glass, acrylic, or ceramic that impact factors like diffusion and durability. Key components include the bowl which holds dried flower and a downstream or upstream tube ensuring optimal airflow when inhaling. Percolators with multiple chambers leverage water diffusion to further filter smoke for exceptionally smooth hits. The size and intricacy of the bong impacts its artistic appearance, filtering capabilities, and convenience.

3. Nipple Pasties

For those really looking to spice things up this holiday season, nipple pasties featuring cannabis graphics make a cheeky yet stylish gift. These adhesive pasties discreetly cover nipples, making them perfect sexy accents for risqué outfits or daring nights out. Varieties may include glittery pasties with pot leaf motifs, smoky plumes, or cheeky “Lit” text. Some edgier styles even mimic the dangerous but alluring look of barbed wire. These peel-and-stick discreet coverings can dazzle at bachelorette parties or when getting handsy under the mistletoe.

4. Beanies

Keep heads warm while subtly displaying cannabis enthusiasm with a fitted beanie cap flaunting marijuana motifs. The embroidered designs maintain a low profile, with delicate pot leaf outlines or color combinations mimicking popular hybrid strains. Available in cuffless and more slouchy styles, these cozy winter caps make great functional stocking stuffers for the chill stoner.

5. Edible Arrangements

For a gift that looks as good as it tastes, assemble a decorative basket of weed-infused edibles artfully arranged like a floral bouquet. Tailor the THC and CBD treats to the recipient’s preferences across indica-dominant nighttime gummies, energizing sativa sweets, an assortment of both, or even savory treats. Artists styling colorful weed gummies, chocolates, or cannabis oils to mimic flower arrangements make for artistic best weed gifts built for impressing. 

6. Grinders

A grinder serves as an essential tool for preparing dried cannabis buds, one of the most practical best weed gifts for any stoner. Grinders utilize razor sharp teeth to shred and pulverize material while a filtered screen separates and collects precious kief. Consider the recipient’s preferences when selecting materials like aluminum for smooth textures or wood for an organic feel. Some deluxe grinders incorporate multiple chambers to further filter fine powders. An additional sifter box takes kief separation even further. Well-crafted grinders make excellent functional tools for the everyday cannabis fan.

7. Stash Containers

For discretely storing and locking away cannabis products, a stash box makes an excellent functional gift. Look for airtight constructions alongside forms like lockable cases versus convenient push-button opening mechanisms for on-the-go accessibility. With compact profiles similar in size to sunglasses cases, these stash containers easily slip into backpacks or glove boxes out of plain sight. Despite their inconspicuous exteriors, interiors often leverage clever organizational compartments for carefully separating and arranging buds, edibles, vape pens, and rolling supplies. 

8. Vape Pens

The massive rise in oils and concentrates popularity gives vape pen gifts universal appeal for cannabis lovers who appreciate great flavor and portability. Sleek vape pens allow for discreet consumption anytime and anywhere, while producing substantially better vapor quality than traditional smoking ever could. Most pens accommodate slim cartridges loaded with THC or CBD distillates in strain-specific formulas. Others provide attachable chambers accommodating dried herbs and flower. Many battery-powered vapes enable temperature customization for fine-tuning heat levels to both conserve and maximize potency. With concealable sizes and lifelike flavors, vape pens top most stoners’ wish lists as trendy best weed gifts coveted by all ages.

‘Tis the Season for Cannabis Gifting

As rising cannabis legalization diminishes old stigmas, more consumers than ever are gifting functional and showy weed accessories to their dearest stoner buddies. This holiday season, make spirits bright for the cannabis lover in your life by stuffing stockings with best weed gifts. Our online store offers a wide selection of cannabis-themed accessories ready to order and ship directly to your recipient’s door. Make their eyes light up brighter than any Christmas tree with these hot marijuana-inspired gifts!