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Cool Weed Drawings You Can Try Creating While You’re High

Get high and create cool weed drawings using pencils, markers, watercolors, in unique styles like psychedelic patterns, melting objects, and vector graphics.
cool weed drawings

Have you ever felt artistically inspired while high and wanted to draw something cannabis-related but didn’t know where to start? In this article, we’ll provide ideas and techniques for making your own cool weed drawings to tap into your creative side.

Getting Started With Cool Weed Drawings

Even if you’re not an artist, drawing cannabis themes can be a meditative and rewarding activity while high. The key is starting with a subject you find intriguing. Classic stoner topics like nuggets, smoking paraphernalia, and the iconic marijuana leaf make great launching points.

Gather some drawing paper – blank printer paper, a sketchpad, or even a notebook will work. Have fun doodling on rolling papers too! Any drawing utensils will do either. We recommend starting with graphite pencils, colored pencils, and markers to experiment with defining lines or filling space with vibrant color gradients. Referencing bud photos on your smartphone will spark additional ideas for cool weed drawings.

Setting the scene also gets your creative juices flowing. Put on ambient music conducive to free-flowing thoughts. Bob Marley always inspires, but also try downtempo beats or sounds of nature. Soft lighting also relaxes the mind whether from candles, string lights, or the flickering flame of your pipe. And having quality smoking accessories like our torches, grinders, and ashtrays can further set the mood for your artsy endeavors while high. The torch flame creates ambient lighting, grinding buds releases imagination-sparking aroma, and an ashtray keeps your workspace clean.

Now comes the fun part – just start drawing! Flow with your stream of consciousness without self-judgement. Embrace weird directions things may go. Discovery not perfection is the goal with cool weed drawings.

Styles and Techniques to Try

The great thing about cool weed drawings is anything goes. Be loose with style as you explore what feels right. We’ve highlighted some popular techniques below to spark your creativity:

Simple Doodles

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. Try repetitively filling a page with shapes like leaves, nugs, or vapes overlapping each other. Find this relaxing? Botanical and sacred geometrical patterns are fun too. Meditatively doodling brings calm, allowing creativity to organically build.

Detailed Botanical Drawings

Feeling more ambitious? Depict cannabis anatomy in vivid detail. Precision drawing boosts focus. Carefully sketch leaves with paper and pencil first. Embrace imperfections unique to each leaf. Now accent with marker, colored pencil, or paint to highlight lush colors, central veins, and serrated edges. Achieving photorealism with your buds isn’t easy but helps hone talent.

Psychedelic Drawings

Things can get wonderfully weird and experimental when cool weed drawings meet the psychedelic realm. Inspiration flows freely here. Scribble wildly colorful fractal patterns and shapes. Reimagine household objects melting across pages. Envision abstract dreamscapes inhabited by fantastical stoner creatures. Use vivid colors, flowing lines, and release inhibitions. Reality blends with subconscious memory and visions. Just see where things go!

Pop Art Style

For contemporary aesthetic try rendering your nugs or smoking devices in bold pop art style. Outline objects thickly in black marker atop solid bright backdrop. Sharpen edges for precision against negative space. Flatten and simplify details for graphic vector appearance. Add Ben-Day dot shading or solid floods of color. Replicate multiple images in Roy Lichtenstein comic panel style. Andy Warhol would dig these modern combinations of commercial subject matter and artistic composition.

Stoner Characters

Let your humor flourish concocting stony scenarios in cartoon form. Exaggerate facial expressions and movements for comedic effect. Unleash funny stoner clichés and archetypes – the wide-eyed psychedelic traveler, the hooded hoodlum blazing up, the corporate executive kicking back after hours. Build hilarious sequential narratives of them interacting while high. Include talk bubbles spouting ridiculous baked nonsense. Or parody famous cartoons and movies by placing their characters in compromisingly stoned situations. The options for laughs are endless.

Abstract Weed Art

Feeling experimental? Free your mind and see what manifests without concrete visualization. Randomly drip watercolors, ink blobs, or wax splatters onto the page. Rub charcoal shavings to form shadowy textures. Stamp repeating imagery with carved erasers or folded paper. Crumple and flatten boiling hot drawings immediately after removing them from spilled tea bags. Scratch intricate patterns into cardboard soaked for days in coffee grounds. The results will surprise and delight. Find beauty in these accidents letting go of artistic ego fully into process based discovery.

For each style, play with your own unique interpretations. Experiment until certain techniques resonate. Then expand, combine and refine from there. Follow what intrigues you most. The only limit is your imagination!

Unleash Your Inner Stoner Artist

As you’ve discovered, making cool weed drawings engages creativity, nourishes the spirit and makes getting high even more fun. It all begins with quality materials from papers to drawing tools to – most importantly – good bud! Our online shop offers all the smoking accessories and cannabis-themed merch to inspire the inner stoner artist in you.

Hopefully, the drawing ideas, styles, and techniques in this article provided a helpful start. Follow what intrigues you, experiment without judgment, and above all have fun doodling the many amazing facets of cannabis!