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DIY Resin Grinder: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

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Since cannabis had been pretty popular in the 60s, the rise of accessories had been around too since then. 

Whether you want to use your marijuana to make edibles, vape, or smoke it, grinding your buds beforehand will help you get the most out of your entire experience. The marijuana grinder is unquestionably one of the few instruments any cannabis consumer must-have.

There are varieties of cannabis grinders that you can see in the market today; there are different colors and designs to choose from.

What is a Cannabis Grinder?

You probably would wonder what a cannabis grinder is. Cannabis grinder is a holy grail for most of the 420-smokers. 

A grinder is a device that speeds up and simplifies grinding marijuana. It aids in the grinding of nugs into fine bits, which are preferred by most users for rolling joints and blunts.

The traditional cannabis grinders are palm-sized cylindrical-shaped equipment with metal teeth that expose themselves after separating the two interlocking pieces, top and bottom. These teeth are made to shred and chop dried marijuana into tiny pieces.

Resin grinders, sometimes known as “bud grinders,” are typically three-piece designs that include a grinding chamber, a cover, and teeth or pegs for grinding. Because they come with additional sections and screens, four-piece designs make it easy to remove your dried herb after it’s been ground.

Grinders come in various colors, materials, and designs that can be acquired online. Most people prefer the epoxy grinder or even a resin grinder. Regardless, there’s a lot to choose from and are made available at nearly every smoke shop.

Why Use a Grinder?

Grinders make breaking up a large amount of cannabis faster and cleanly. Even while some cannabis users are tempted to break apart and crush their marijuana with their hands, investing in a reliable herb grinder has various advantages.

When you break up marijuana with your hands, the fragments are inconsistent in size, resulting in uneven warmth or burning. Due to its perfectly set teeth, a grinder, on the other hand, is meant to shred dried marijuana blossoms into an even consistency every time.

Marijuana grinders are also capable of separating and collecting kief from your herbs. The high concentration of active botanical chemicals in kief is desirable to dry herb users; therefore, having a kief catcher is a bonus. It allows you to gather kief in the bottom of your grinder, which you can then use in your joint, edible recipe, vaporizer, or pipe.

Types of Weed Grinders

Grinders are typically round in shape, like a puck, and maybe turned to break down cannabis (as in the image above).

They’re made of several materials such as:

  • Metals which are expensive but still preferred because it has long durability.
  • Plastics are preferred by many because it is cheaper, but it breaks easily.
  • Woods are pleasing to the eye, but they are difficult to clean.
  • Electric grinders come in handy for those who are lazy to do manual grinding.
  • Resins are the new material-talk-of-the-town compatibility, strength, and aesthetic DIY value.

How To Use A Resin Grinder

We have encountered various grinder materials and what they can pretty much have to offer the 420-lovers. 

The rise of resin as a new material for the grinder has been the talk of the town, especially since you can make and design your weed resin grinder.

Here’s an exciting step on how to make your resin grinder:

  1. Prepare your resin grinder mold, it’s better to use silicone molds, so it is easier for you to pull them out.
  2. Insert a tiny pair of magnets on both sides before pouring your resin mixture. Ensure that the magnets will click together on the correct pole charges. 
  3. Place the magnets facing each other on each side of the mold.
  4. Prepare your resin mixture on a glass container by mixing parts A and B. Remember that the ratio should be two parts of A and 1 of B.
  5. Mix the parts thoroughly in the container using a spatula, make sure that no bubbles will be visible before pouring the mixture into the molds.
  6. You can add colors to your mixture using a powdered resin color mix. 
  7. Personalize a resin grinder with your touches like dried and pressed flowers, glitters, beads, or even your small photo.
  8. Once you are content with the designs you have placed, gently pour the resin mixture on the mold.
  9. Once set, use a torch to heat up and release bubbles on the mold; you can also use a dotting pin to poke the bubbles inside the grinder teeth.
  10. You may use a UV light to help the resin dry up faster, or you can wait for hours to dry it up naturally.
  11. Once dried, gently remove from the silicone molds.
  12. Personalize your grinders with your personal preferences; you may place whichever you like in the resin mixture.


If you’re a neophyte in the world of marijuana, you’re undoubtedly curious about what weed grinders are, how they function, and why you’d want to use one. 

A grinder is one of the best investments a frequent smoker can make. This unique smoking accessory can help speed up and simplify the process of separating dry herbs and make it much easier to store herbs when they are finely ground. When separating herbs by hand, pollen and other plant detritus can adhere to your fingertips, diminishing their efficacy.

The world of cannabis grinders may be both complex and deceptively simple. You need to remember that the grinder you use will be present in many future sessions, so choose one that you remember warmly and love using.

As they say it, “Show me your grinder, and I’ll tell you who you are!”. It’s up to you whether you choose a DIY smoking grinder that is not as difficult to make as you think. Or perhaps you can choose one tailored and manufactured by smoking stores like AllStuff420®.

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