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Essential Data 101: How Long Does Weed Last in Your Body?

Consuming marijuana is a magical pastime that is a fantastic way to pass the time and spread good vibes. How long does weed last in your system, and why is that significant to know? Does it go bad or expire after a long time?

Whether you want to know how long you’ll feel high or “how long does being stoned last?”, we’re here to share some knowledge to help you have the best cannabis experience. Let’s get going!

Hype Up Your Knowledge of 420

Marijuana is derived from Cannabis sativa. People also call it marijuana, weed, or pot. When smoked, ingested, or vaped, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a substance found in the plant, produces a “high.”

According to UK statistics, nearly 30% of people between the ages of 16 and 59 have used marijuana at least once. People may want to use THC repeatedly if it causes them to feel calm, relaxed, and tranquil. However, continued use can cause dangerous drug addiction.

Cannabis addiction is reportedly rare, but it does occur. While most cannabis users do not develop a habit, some, especially chronic users, may exhibit signs of addiction. Up to 30% of marijuana users, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), have a marijuana use disorder. 

According to the study, developing a marijuana use disorder is four to seven times more likely in people who start smoking marijuana before the age of 18 than it is in adults.

Like most addictions, marijuana use disorder develops into a habit when a person continues to use despite it interfering with their life. 

About 4.0 million Americans in 2015 met the diagnostic standards for marijuana use disorder, and up to 138,000 were actively seeking treatment.

How Long Does Weed Last?

Cannabis highs are supposed to last two to three hours, but they can last anywhere from 45 minutes to six or eight hours. 

Because marijuana affects different people, how long marijuana stays in a person’s system depends on a few factors. Here are some factors that can influence how long does weed last in your system:

Frequent Use

A daily user will have a much higher tolerance than a novice, and the lofty will wear off much more quickly. The high will last longer and be more intense for someone new to using marijuana and THC. 

Tolerance breaks are legitimate and helpful for frequent users who need to reset their bodies if they fall on the other side of the spectrum and can’t get high enough. The first high after a tolerance break will hit differently and in the best way, although it is not very enjoyable.

Using While Stomach is Empty

One of the crucial questions to ask yourself before smoking, similar to drinking alcohol, is how much have you eaten today? If you’re surviving on half a breakfast burrito from eight hours ago and can feel your stomach rumbling, your high is likely to go sideways, leaving you feeling sick rather than high. 

Suppose you are smoking on an empty stomach or intend to eat after smoking. In that case, you will typically experience a much deeper high, allowing you to enjoy being high far more than you would in starvation mode. It also affects how long does weed last in your body.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

A person’s weight typically influences the duration of a marijuana high. Although weed tolerance is important, a person’s weight significantly impacts their level of intoxication. 

Believe it or not, a person with more fat cells in their body will have a different and longer-lasting high than a person with less fat for THC to bind to. 

It is because THC binds to fat. Additionally, the longer it takes for fat to leave the body, the longer it will take for people to detox from marijuana.

Indica & Sativa Weed

What is the difference between indica vs sativa weed strains? As a refresher, indica strains are more appropriate for the evening and winding down with a heavy body high, while sativa strains are uplifting and euphoric daytime strains. 

Naturally, the type of strain and THC content significantly impact how long does weed last and how effective it is. Mary Jane affects people differently, so don’t dismiss it until you try it. 

Don’t be duped into thinking that strains with higher THC percentages are superior to the low-cost, bargain strains. Sativa is what you need if you want a fully functional high to run errands, and good old indica strains are what give you that couch lock high.

Does Cannabis Expire?

Dried cannabis lasts six months and a year when stored properly (more on this in a moment). It gradually starts to lose flavor and potency.

Older studies claim that after a year, marijuana loses about 16% of its THC content, and the loss keeps going down:

  • Two years later, THC loss of 26%
  • Three years later, 34% of the THC is lost
  • After four years, THC loss was 41%

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