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Remarkable Marijuana Dispensaries That You Should Visit

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Currently, cannabis is known as one of the developing industries in the United States. A study from Kisi states that sales for cannabis have reached almost $20 billion last 2020, and according to New Frontier, it is projected to reach an amount of $30 billion by 2025. 

Despite the society’s stigma and prohibitions of the federal law, cannabis-centered businesses have continued to offer quality products and services to cannabis enthusiasts.

As marijuana is not sold in an ordinary store or a pharmacy, enthusiasts have been enjoying an exclusive-like shopping experience at marijuana dispensaries.

In 2020, the number of dispensaries in the United States was already 7,490. Oklahoma, California, and Oregon have the most established and growing markets.

As we continue the debate on legalizing marijuana, business owners have been bringing their A-game to putting up their medical marijuana dispensary, clinics, grow rooms, and other facilities used for the same purpose.

We have bid farewell to the dark, gloomy, and traditional-looking dispensaries as the new ones have adapted to the latest architectural and interior trends.

Make your next marijuana shopping memorable and breathtaking by visiting these remarkable and aesthetically-pleasing marijuana dispensaries in the United States.

10 Marijuana Dispensaries That You Should Visit

1. The Apothecarium – Castro – San Francisco, California

The Apothecarium - Castro - San Francisco, California
The Apothecarium – Castro

The Apothecarium is an award-winning cannabis marijuana dispensary. The Architectural Digest named it as the best-designed dispensary. Their interiors are designed with a cool color palette which gives off a luxurious feel for their customers. The Apothecarium has also known for its helpful staff and cannabis education events. 

2. Barbary Coast – San Francisco, California

Barbary Coast - San Francisco, California
Barbary Coast

This popular dispensary looks like a hotel lobby once you enter. It is full of leather chairs, substantial Persian rugs, and mahogany wood all over the place. They have a cozy dab bar and a lounge where you can enjoy their products. This dispensary is a tourist destination in San Francisco. 

If you’re a fan of rustic-themed cafes or restaurants, this is the perfect place for you to chill in.

3. New England Treatment Access – Brookline, Maryland

New England Treatment Access - Brookline, Maryland
New England Treatment Access

This dispensary is far from usual! The building used to be a bank, and Architect Franz Joseph Untersee originally designed it. Getting your marijuana supplies from this pretty building that has a dome-centered high ceiling, doric columns, and arched windows should be definitely on your bucket list!

4. Farma – Portland, Oregon

Farma - Portland, Oregon

Farma was established before marijuana became legal in Oregon. Now that Oregon has a lot of marijuana dispensaries, Farma remains a pioneer in the state. The whole place is covered in white walls, bright lights, and plants. It looks like a perfect instagrammable spot for cannabis enthusiasts.

5.  Good Chemistry – Aurora, Colorado

Good Chemistry - Aurora, Colorado
Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry’s location in Aurora is a must-visit for cannabis enthusiasts and even starters. They have the place structured like a museum where the customers could check out the four strains of Cannabis placed in four color-coded stations. Good Chemistry’s setup aims to be approachable and informative for people just starting to try cannabis.

6. Parlour Cannabis Shoppe – Portland, Oregon

Parlour Cannabis Shoppe - Portland, Oregon
Parlour Cannabis Shoppe

This ivory-tiled dispensary looks like a traditional candy shop. Parlour Cannabis Shoppe is also another beginner-friendly dispensary. Their interiors are designed to look less intimidating as banners with “Let It Go” and “Choose Joy” mantras are everywhere. They even call their staff the “budtenders.” Make sure to drop by when you’re store-hopping in Oregon!

7. MedMen – Multiple Locations

MedMen - Multiple Locations

MedMen has a lot of locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, and New York. MedMen identifies itself as the Apple Store for Pot Shops, allowing their customers to freely explore the whole place while learning about their product offerings. Every MedMen branch is a must-visit!

8. Bud and Bloom – Santa Ana, California

Bud and Bloom - Santa Ana, California
Bud and Bloom

Bud and Bloom’s industrial-chic interiors are such a feast to the eyes. The entire place is full of light fittings, and it also has these bizarre pipes at the ceiling. Bud and Bloom were also listed by Leafly as one of “The 10 Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries in America” back in 2017.

9. The Healing Center – San Diego, California

The Healing Center - San Diego, California
The Healing Center

Entering this dispensary would make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie. The combination of gray floors, white countertops, and Rich Purple wall exudes a classic ambiance and elegant look. The Healing Center aims to become the “Rolls Royce of Marijuana Dispensaries.”

10. Serra – Los Angeles, California

Serra - Los Angeles, California

Serra is undeniably one of the prettiest marijuana dispensaries. In Italian translation, “Serra” is a greenhouse. Inspired by its name, this pot shop has large windows to welcome natural lighting. The combination of natural light and brass fixtures is just perfect, which makes this spot a go-to for cannabis enthusiasts.

Wrapping Up

Skip the ordinary and make your cannabis shopping more fun and memorable by visiting these dispensaries with breathtaking architectural structures and interiors! 

Start plotting your travel plans today! 

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