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Gear Up for 2024: The Top Weed Supplies Every Stoner Needs

From grinders and rolling papers to lighters and stash containers, get equipped with the top weed supplies that will make every smoke session a success.
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Have you ever shown up to a smoke session only to realize you don’t have any weed supplies on you? We’ve all been there as beginners! But entering 2024, it’s time to finally get yourself prepared with the essential weed supplies that will make every smoke sesh a smooth success. In this article, we’ll overview the key accessories and tools for enhancing your cannabis experiences.


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First up, let’s talk about one of the most important weed supplies for preparing your flower: the grinder. Grinders evenly break apart dried buds into small flakes and collect precious kief in a separate chamber. This creates a smooth, consistent burn and allows for improved air flow when inhaling. Don’t be tempted to use your fingers or scissors to break up bud. Get yourself a proper grinder!

Grinders come in resin, aluminum, wood, or acrylic. Two-piece options have a simple lid with teeth that meshes with the teeth on the bottom chamber. Three-piece grinders add a screen and bottom compartment to collect kief. Four-piece grinders include an additional chamber specifically for pollen. Materials like aluminum will be more durable while wood looks stylish. The number of pieces you need depends on your preference for saving kief.

Some key features to look for in a grinder are a deep chamber, wide teeth, a smooth turn action, and a secure magnetic lid. Having an ergonomic grip, handle, or grooves makes grinding easier. Pollen scrapers and brushes will help maximize kief collection. Just be sure to keep your grinder clean to maintain smooth performance!

Rolling Papers 

What to use as rolling paper

Now that your flower is freshly ground, it’s time to wrap it up. Enter the almighty rolling paper, an essential supply for joint aficionados. Rolling papers are thin sheets made from materials like hemp, rice, or wood pulp. They allow cannabis to be neatly rolled and smoked in joint form.

Papers come in a range of thicknesses, from ultra-thin “single wide” to thicker and tougher. Thinner papers tend to have more natural flavors while thicker ones run less risk of tearing. Flavored papers in tastes like grape and mango can disguise the taste of cannabis. Slow-burn options extend the smoking experience. Transparent and colored papers also add flair.

Some factors to evaluate are the gum adhesive, potential to run, and overall taste imparted. Finding papers tailored to your preferences will ensure an optimal experience. You’ll also need papers designed for your chosen rolling method, whether that’s hand rolling or using a rolling machine. 

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Now that your joint is prepped, it needs the most essential supply of all: a trusty lighter. Lighters generate a small flame that ignites pipes, bongs, and of course, your perfectly rolled joint or blunt. There are various lighter types including butane torches, matches, hemp wicks, and electric options.

Standard lighters use pressurized butane as fuel. Look for adjustable flames, fuel level windows, and increased wind resistance for outdoor lighting. Child safety features are a must if you have kids around. Refillable lighters allow you to top off fuel instead of tossing the whole lighter.

Electric lighters provide consistent sparks at the push of a button. Windproof models function better outside. Hemp wicks avoid inhaling lighter fluid; the flame source comes from burning the twisted hemp fiber. Matches are old-school but reliable. Choose lighters tailored for your usage.

Some key factors are ignition type, grip, and overall reliability. Having a backup lighter or matchbook on hand is always wise in case your main one runs out of fuel. With the right lighter at the ready, you’ll be prepared to fire up anytime.



Now that you’re enjoying a freshly lit joint, you need somewhere to tap off the ashes: an ashtray. Ashtrays provide a dedicated spot to contain ash, dust, and debris that accumulate from smoking. This keeps mess consolidated instead of spreading all over the place.

Ashtrays come in glass, metal, silicone, and ceramic. Smaller portable versions are great for travel while wide, heavy standing ashtrays work well at home. Look for deep bowls, wide bases, and some form of smell containment – either a fitted lid or self-containing design. Having a layout with separate divots or holes for multiple users is also handy.

Cleaning is a breeze with removable screens and dishwasher-safe materials. Look for durability, portability, and high heat resistance based on your usage. With the right ashtray at the ready, you can keep every smoke spot neat and organized.

Stash Containers 

Rainbow Alien Head Vacuum Stash Container

One of the often overlooked weed supplies is the humble stash container. Stash containers allow you to pre-portion and transport buds for convenience and discretion. No more precarious baggies! Made from opaque materials like aluminum and stainless steel, stash containers totally block out light and contain odors when sealed. Look for airtight latching lids and rubber gaskets for ensured freshness and discretion. Sizes range from pocket-sized micro-stashes to large storage canisters.

Some designs allow you to directly grind and store herbs inside the same vessel. Compartmentalized options keep multiple strains organized. Having smaller containers for pre-rolled joints or concentrate dabs is also handy. With an airtight, opaque stash in your pocket, you’ll stay prepared and protected.

Bonus Accessories for the Complete Cannabis Experience

To round out your arsenal of weed supplies, here are some bonus accessories that will bring your sessions to the next level:

  • Pipe cleaners and brushes keep your glassware sparkling.
  • Smell-proof bags discreetly contain odors.
  • Humidor packs regulate humidity levels when storing flowers.
  • Rolling trays provide a smooth surface for preparing joints.
  • Herb grinders uniformly shred leafy material.
  • Joint rollers quickly shape uniform joints.
  • Bong cleaning brushes swab every spot when deep cleaning water pipes.
  • Rolling paper holders neatly store and dispense papers.

With the right accessories tailored to your consumption preferences, you’ll feel like a true cannabis pro!

Get Your Gear Ready for 2024

As 2024 approaches, make sure you’re stocked up on these essential weed supplies for optimal smoking sessions going forward. Don’t get caught unprepared at your next smoke sesh. Check out our selection of weed supplies and cannabis-themed accessories. We offer top-quality grinders, lighters, torches, ashtrays, stash containers, and more. With the right weed supplies in your arsenal, every cannabis moment will be elevated. Your future stoner self will thank you!