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Caps for Men: A Timeless Fashion Piece

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Caps are known as a go-to headpiece for men. It’s stylish, gives protection, and can be used almost every day. You’ll always come across a person wearing a cap wherever you go.

They are commonly used for protection from the heat, a warm option during a snowy day, or a cover-up if you’re having a bad hair day. Other than these reasons, caps for men are used to accessorize and add spice to your look.

There are various types of caps that are available in the market today. Every style has its name, design, function, and purpose.

So here it is, let’s talk about the different types of caps for men, their use, and their origin:


Visors are mainly used for outdoor sports such as golf and tennis. Jesse Burkett first produced it in 1895. This type of cap only has a visor or a brim used to protect the face. It is used when protection from direct sunlight is needed. If you’re the sporty type, this is a must-have!


Berets are flat caps made from cotton or knitted wool. This type of cap was produced in France and Spain in the 19th century. Until today, Berets have been a fashionable piece for most countries in Europe. 

Cowboy Hats

You can’t call yourself a cowboy without having a cowboy hat! Cowboy hats are made of fur-based cloth or leather. A famous manufacturer from Philadelphia named John B. Stetson made it first in 1865.This has been a fashion classic for cowboys, aside from using it as heat protection while enjoying a day at the ranch. These go well with plaid or long patterned sleeves and cowboy boots!

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps for men are one of the most commonly used types of caps. It was first used by the team Brooklyn Excelsiors back in 1860 and made it famous. Since then, baseball caps for men have been a must-have for fans and for people even outside baseball. Currently, there are many famous brands known to have great baseball caps, and it never goes out of style. 


Beanies are a type of cap made from knitted wool or cotton. It has been popular in the United States since the 1900s. It is commonly used during winter, but many people have been adding it to their daily outfits, no matter the weather. It is an excellent accessory that usually comes with colorful and fun patterns. Weed beanies are also perfect when you’re going for that street-style look.

Snapback Caps

The most frequent type of cap is a snapback cap. The rise of pop culture has influenced the popularity of snapback caps in the 1990s. It was used by the famous rap artist Tupac Shakur. A snapback cap is similar to a baseball hat, but it has an adjustable strap so you can adjust it to your size. It has a wide and flat brim positioned at 90-degrees that is angled with the cap. It is usually designed with an embroidered logo. This cap is used mainly by men, fashion icons, hip-hop artists, professional skateboarders, and a lot more.

How To Style Your Caps

The most common and versatile types of caps are baseball and snapback caps. These ball caps for men are designed with vibrant colors with an embroidered logo that will be easy to mix and match with any of your outfits! Here are a few ways how you can style your caps:

Everyday Look

To uplift your outfit using a cap, make sure you use a bold or vibrant-colored cap. You can pair it with a plain black or white tee, a denim jacket, and pants. You can wear your cap in a forward or a backward snapback style.

Minimalist or Monochromatic

Choosing a minimalist or monochromatic outfit is always a good decision. Wear a shirt and a pair of bottoms that match your cap’s color to achieve the look. Bonus if you have a pair of sneakers in the same color!


Wearing a snapback or a baseball cap is a must for when you’re going for a street-style outfit. You can wear a statement shirt, layer your bomber jacket, cargo pants, and a pair of sneakers. Don’t forget to top off your outfit with a cap!

The Best Caps For Men

Men’s caps may be underrated, but it does a lot with your outfits. If you are looking for caps made with high-quality and breathable fabric, we have the best recommendations for you! 

Black 420 Leaf Cap with Secret Stash Pocket

This black cap is designed with an embroidered 420 leaf symbol. It is made with high-quality fabric, and it comes with a secret stash pocket to store your small items.Black caps for men with 420 leaf embroidered design with additional secret stash pocket

Pink 420 Leaf Cap with Secret Stash Pocket

Real men wear pink! This pink cap is designed with an embroidered colorful 420 symbol. It comes in handy with a secret stash pocket for your belongings.Pink caps for women with secret stash pocket and embroidered rasta-colored 420 leaf design

Green 420 Leaf Cap with Secret Stash Pocket

This sleek green cap is designed with an embroidered 420 leaf symbol. It has an adjustable snapback strap and a secret stash pocket, perfect for small items and everyday use.Green caps for men with secret stash pocket embroidered with red-colored 420 leaf design

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